Couple escapes harrowing accident on I-64

By Maria- Paula

Thanksgiving came early for a Virginia woman and her husband who
survived a harrowing accident on I-64, last week.

Bonita Billingsley Harris, of Chesapeake, was the riding shotgun in the SUV her husband was driving when a Mack truck hit them from behind.

According to information she shared on one of the social media platforms, she exclaimed how grateful she was to still be alive and well
when part of a tree that fell during the accident came into the car through the windshield stopping within inches of her face.

“ Yesterday my husband Elisha Harris and I walked away after a tractor trailer lost control and crashed into the back of our minivan on
I-64,” said Mrs. Harris.

While giving a special shout out to Sgt. Havrilla of the Virginia State Police for “outstanding professionalism and care” after the
accident, Harris reiterated that the police don’t get enough credit for the sacrifices they make day by day to keep citizens safe.

She also recognized her friends and brothers for coming out to their rescue. She also applauded her husband, Harris, for his “excellent evasive driving skills” that must have contributed to them being alive


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