Charged With Malicious Wounding: Behavioral Technician Alleged to Harm Juvenile Patient

By Maria- Paula

A 57 year old former behavior technician in New Kent’s Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents, Stacey Burrel, was on Wednesday accused of malicious wounding on one felony count. Based on evidence by prosecutors from Virginia Attorney General Herring’s Office under the Major Crimes and Emerging Threats Section, the judgment was passed by the King William Multi-jurisdictional Grand Jury.

The hospital which takes care of young people aged 2 to 22 as a medical checkup and behavioral aid center has had up to 20 patients and their families file charges against it. Both physical and sexual harassment from Cumberland Hospital staff dominated the $127 million lawsuit.

A juvenile patients injuries in 2019 during Burrel’s tenure at the facility is part of the investigations by Virginia State Police on the institution.

Although Burrel is presumed innocent until proven guilty, she is charged for causing bodily harm with the intention to disable, disfigure or kill. This emerged after Herschel “Mickey” Harden a former Cumberland Hospital psychotherapist was at the end of February, charged with 2 counts of felony for sexual assault but died of suicide before standing trial.

Any additional information about these or other alleged crimes that may have occurred at Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents can be reported to The Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation at (804) 537-6788.


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