Washington Football Team recruiting for fan ambassador network

ASHBURN, VA — The Washington Football Team is looking for supporters to join their new Fan Ambassador Network. The team said on Tuesday that the Fan Ambassador Network would help guide the franchise as it renovates the game day experience and undergo a rebranding process.

The franchise said it will accept nominations for the new network on its website or by using “#WashingtonFootballFAN” on Twitter. The network will include at least 35 fans across seven crews, according to the team.

Each crew will have its own responsibilities and areas of input. The areas include community, culture, culinary, entertainment, family experience, fashion, and “Sunday funday.”

A panel from the team’s front office, including Vice President of Guest Experience Joey Colby-Begovich, former Super Bowl MVP Doug Williams, and Team President Jason Wright, will select finalists to serve on the network. In the news release, the team said they would like to select a range of fans, “from long-time, diehard loyalists to newer, younger fans who want to get more involved with the team and are passionate about the future of the brand.”

“Our goal is to create a game day that every segment of our fanbase enjoys and the best way to do that is to bring some of the most creative fans into the process from the beginning,” Colby-Begovich said. “While FAN will be a select, fairly intimate group and there will certainly be topics that cross the categories we’ve identified, we will encourage our selected ambassadors to share their areas of expertise with family, friends and social media followings.”

Colby-Begovich also noted that members of the Fan Ambassador Network will receive gifts and access to unique opportunities. Fans of the Washington Football Team can keep up with the franchise’s rebranding process on its website.


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