Good, Webb square off in virtual forum

(WVIR) – Cameron Webb and Bob Good answered voter questions on topics ranging from broadband to healthcare ahead of the 5th District decision.

“The district is very diverse. It’s very broad. The views range all across the political spectrum,” Democratic 5th District candidate Cameron Webb said.

“I want to safely reopen our country and get people back to work,” Republican 5th District candidate Bob Good said.

Cameron Webb, a doctor and professor at the University of Virginia is up against Bob Good, a former Campbell County Supervisor and athletic associate at Liberty University. The two expressed different points of views on many different topics.

“I am in favor of market driven patient-centric reforms that protect employer provided healthcare that doesn’t bankrupt employer-provided healthcare or make it impossible for employer-provided healthcare to compete with federal providing healthcare,” Good said.

During the debate, Good did state that Webb supported Medicare for all.

“I do not support Medicare for all. I never said I support Medicare for all,” Webb said. “The most important thing is that we have a healthcare system that works for patients that I am taking care of,” Webb said.

An issue many voters were asking is how will candidates bridge the gap between rural areas and cities in a diverse district with different accessibility to internet especially during a time where virtual learning and telemedicine is expanding?

“COVID has shown that education we have huge differences in both access to virtual learning based on broadband. As a physician, my partners and I’m on the primary care task force here in Virginia, we’ve seen the challenges with telemedicine,” Webb said.

“Folks want the same things good jobs, economic opportunity, a better future for their kids, they want to be safe, they want to be protected,” Good said.

In the closing remarks, Webb reminded everyone to do their part as the race for the seat in the 5th District continues.

“Dr. Webb is telling you right now to wear your mask, keep your physical distance,” Webb said.


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