Judge orders Kanye West removed from Virginia ballot

Entertainer Kanye West has been removed from Virginia’s ballot for November’s election following a temporary injunction granted this afternoon.

Judge Joi Taylor found “that eleven of the Elector Oaths submitted by Kanye West were obtained by improper, fraudulent and/or misleading means, or are otherwise invalid because of notarial violations and misconduct, and, therefore, do not count toward the statutorily required minimum to qualify the petition.”

The judge also found “that the notice of qualification issued by the Department of Elections to Kanye West…is contrary to Virginia law, and is therefore, invalid.”

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring (D) brought the lawsuit to block West’s name from being included in the presidential contest.

Herring noted in a brief, “The Commonwealth of Virginia, including the state elections officials and entities named as Defendants, does not tolerate any type of election fraud. Similarly, this Court has had little patience for keeping candidates on the ballot who have used underhanded and fraudulent tactics to ‘steal a spot on the ballot.’” 

The brief also highlights the concerning evidence brought forth saying that “Plaintiffs present evidence of concerning deficiencies in all thirteen elector oaths.”

Herring filed the motion yesterday, Sept. 2, in a rapidly moving case that seeks to meet the approaching deadline to print ballots.

Judge Taylor declined to take up West campaign’s request to remove Herring from the case, a move Herring called “baseless”.

Several Virginia residents have also sued to keep West’s name off the state’s ballot in November, saying they were duped into signing on as electors for West.

Meanwhile, GOP figures around the country have emerged to assist West in gaining access to state ballots, fueling speculation among Democrats that Republicans are promoting West’s candidacy in an effort to siphon Black votes from Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in key states.


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